Slagborrmaskin EY79A2X SOLO


 Ny design , marknadens modernaste borstlösa motor  2+6 vxl låda
 Hybridkontakt för mjukstart
 MetallChuck med hårda Wolfram käftar  Batterindikator Led-lampa
 Kompakt body med Carbon look
 Lev i kartong OBS Enbart maskin

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Ny design , marknadens modernaste borstlösa motor  2+6 vxl låda
 Hybridkontakt för mjukstart
 MetallChuck med hårda Wolfram käftar  Batterindikator Led-lampa
 Kompakt body med Carbon look
 Inkl 2 batteri

Model / TypeEY79A2LJ2GEY79A2PN2GEY79A2X
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (technology)5.0Ah (Li-ion)3.0Ah (Li-ion)*
Charging time (usable / full)65 / 80min.45 / 60min.*
Speed at no load in rpm30 - 470 / 70 - 1,58030 - 470 / 70 - 1,580*
Max. torque (stalling / instant torque)32 / 50Nm32 / 50Nm*
Percussion mechanism (blows per minute)low 540 - 8,500
high 1,260 - 28,400
low 540 - 8,500
high 1,260 - 28,400
Percussion mechanism (blows per minute)38 / 13 / 33mm38 / 13 / 33mm*
Size (W x L x B)68 x 188 x 250mm68 x 188 x 234mm*
Weight (incl. battery)2.1kg1.85kg*
Standard accessories2 x battery EY9L54B
charger EY0L82B
incl. plastic box
2 x battery EY9L53B
charger EY0L82B
incl. plastic box
without battery
without charger
without plastic box
Battery capacitiesEY79A2LJ2GEY79A2PN2G
Voltage  18 V18 V
Model  EY79A2LJ2GEY79A2 PN2G
Battery  EY9L54B(LJ)EY9L53B(PN)
ScrewingWood screws in yellow pine*Ø 4.1mm x 25mm1750pcs1050pcs
Self-drilling screws in SPC*Ø 4mm x 13mm t = 1.6mm1250pcs740pcs
No plug screws in masonry**Ø 6mm x 45mm790pcs470pcs
DrillingHoles in SPC/hole saw*Ø 21mm t = 1.6mm50pcs30pcs
Holes in SPC/hole saw**Ø 33mm t = 1.6mm75pcs45pcs
Holes in mortar*Ø 6.5mm x 30mm220pcs130pcs
Holes in mortarl*Ø 10mm x 30mm160pcs100pcs
Holes in masonry*Ø 5mm × 40mm depth260pcs150pcs
Holes in yellow pine*Ø 18mm x 120mm140pcs80pcs
Holes in yellow pine**Ø 30mm x 40mm280pcs170pcs
Holes in yellow pine**Ø 36mm x 38mm--
* High mode ** Low mode


New brushless motor

Without brushes and commutator which can reduce the lifetime of the tool, the motor lasts approx. twice compared with brushed motor*.

* Compared with Panasonic conventional brushed motor

New ultra hard chuck jaw tips

We increased durability of every part right down to the new metal chuck which features tungsten carbide jaw tips. These extra hardened inserts are brazed into each jaw to give extra ‘bite strength’ and substantially reduce wear.

New hybrid switch

To eliminate heavy friction to internal parts of the switch during use of electric brake, we developed a new semi-electronic switch. This gives smoother operation and double* the life expectancy of the part.

* Compared with Panasonic conventional switches

Tough IP: Battery protection*

Individual monitoring of battery cells allows power supply to automatically cut off before over-discharge (excessive use), overheating, or overcurrent (excessive load). Switch and electronics circuits of control panel and battery pack are covered by an urethane layer to give high levels of dust and water protection.


OPS (Battery Overhear Protecting Sensor)
A temperature sensor cuts off power to the motor before the battery temperature rises to a harmful level and flashes a warning lamp on the tool‘s control panel to notify the user.

Speed control function enables perfect finishing

New “Speed Control Function” reduces ‘run out’ for metal hole saw

This new function allows the user to select from three different low rotation speed settings (H / M / S), based on allowable maximum speeds* for metal hole saws. It greatly reduces ‘run out’ when using metal hole saws and prevents surface scorching on stainless steel and other materials.

Screw without speed control function

Screw with speed control function


H300rpmNormal steel:
φ 15-25
Stainless steel:
φ 10-15

M200rpmNormal steel:
φ 25-
Stainless steel:
φ 15-25
L150rpmNormal steel:
φ 30-
Stainless steel:
φ 20-

* Different ‘allowable maximum speeds’ are determined for metal hole saws depending on diameter and target material. See websites of metal hole saw manufacturers for further details.

Increased efficiency and flexibility

“SMOOTH START” electronics allow easy, precise speed control

New advanced speed control electronics start rotation speed gradually. This enables very slow and smooth starts allowing ultimate control when starting drilling or working with small screws in precise applications.

Fresh new ‘CARBON’ design

To enhance the internal engineering and technology developments, a fresh new body design and material finish has been developed. With the unique carbon fibre textured finish and new comfort grip, style is added to substance with improved ergonomics too.

Various support design

New grip pattern design to prevent slipping and increase operator comfort

LED Light
Elastomer Bumper
Increased amounts of rubber and resin coating at the bottom of the tool helps prevent damage if dropped from elevated areas.