Vinkelslip EY46A2LJ2S 18V, 5,0 Ah


Vinkelslip Dual Voltage 14,4/18v, mycket smidig och stark maskin för 125mm skivor. Bör testas ! Ip56 klassad mot damm & vatten, marknadens skönaste grepp och mest balanserad.

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Model / TypeEY46A2LJ2GEY46A2X
Voltage18V18V / 14.4V
Battery capacity accord. to IEC (Technology)5.0Ah (Li-ion)*
Charging time (usable / full)65 / 80min.*
Speed at no load in rpm10.000*
Disc size (outer Diameter)125mm*
Size (W x L x B)105 x 345 x 141mm*
Weight (incl. battery)2.35kg*
Standard accessories (battery / charger / plastic box)2 x battery EY9L54B
Charger EY0L82B
incl. plastic box

* X-type (EY46A2X) without battery and charger.

Battery capacities
Voltage 18V
Model EY46A2LJ2G
Battery EY9L54B(LJ)
Reinforcing barØ 10 mm140pcs/charge
W3/8 Continuous thread stud (Mild steel) 180pcs/charge


Powerful performance for heavy conditions

With all new, larger 18 V motor, the EY46A2 offers more than 150 %* higher power, speed and workload. It enables continuous operation even under substantial load.

Powerful performance for heavy conditions

This combined with our high performance 4.2 Ah capacity Li-ion battery will suit heavy demands even on tough applications.
*compared with current model EY4640 (14.4 V)

Comparison chart: Power & Speed

Test condition: Reinforcing bar Φ 10 mm

Increased efficiency, higher power but more compact

Even with increased performance, the EY46A2 is more compact and approx. 25 mm shorter than current EY4640 model. This makes it ideal for use in restricted work areas such as under a roof or floor whilst still offering a wider range of applications due to larger 125 mm disc capacity.

Outstanding safety functions

Thanks to ‘On-lock start prevention’ function, the grinder will not start when a battery pack is inserted with the switch at the ON position. (The warning lamp will flash at this time.) Additionally ‘Battery overheat protection’ cuts off power to the motor before the battery temperature rises to a harmful level and flashes a warning lamp on the tool’s control panel to notify the user.

Efficient work with 125 mm disc

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